on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hi Sweet Wonders! How are you this exciting day? I choose to see my day as exciting. Despite all the horrible things going on around us, I’m grateful for life…and beans. Yes. I love beans. I love it so much I can eat beans on Christmas day! Who said “god forbid” there? :p

Today’s post was inspired by some Naija twitter drama few weeks ago. Some chic tweeted she met a guy whilst stuck in traffic or so. “Miracle bobo” asks for her number and she fronts & refuses. Then she comes on twitter and is asking (randomly I may say) that the same miracle bobo should come and collect her mobile number.

If you know Nigerians, we don’t waste time to spit out our minds. Good or harsh. She was bashed. She was comforted. Sha, others started tweeting about their encounters with strangers who respectfully asked for their numbers and they said…nevurrrrr!. Chai. Who knows? Something good might have blossomed from that parade abi? Or something bad.

Immediately my mind transported back to years back when I looooved cartoons. Still do, just rarely watch TV. Now who remembers Hey Arnold! cartoon? My best then was Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo (Heyyyy Mama!), Ed, Edd n Eddy, Tom and Jerry. Abeg make I stop. Good ol’ times. Of course, my dad never caught me watching them. I for don die since.

So back to Hey Arnold cartoon. For the benefit of those who can’t don’t remember, let me explain a bit. The cartoon is about kids. A young agbero girl, Helga, who’s secretly in love with her classmate Arnold. But whenever she sees him, she becomes angry and talks to him rudely. The boy try sef. Then when they are apart, na so so love songs she go dey recite for her beloved Arnold. And of course, no one suspects. For years.


So back to real life. Thank God for second and third and dozens of chances. I’m told I have a cold look anytime I’m out working or doing something outside my home. I never really cared until my brain booted. So now, I realllllly try to stay un-annoyed when a stranger (man/woman) randomly walks up to me and initiates petty talk. Especially unprofitable petty talk. And you know introverts don’t open up like that at all. I am nicer now. ∗adjusts halo∗


Also, I try not to be critical anymore. And I will never pass up a good opportunity to network all because of the “people’s opinion” about me. Life is too good to do such a thing. Have I missed any business opportunity / beau because of “nonsense shyness”? Yes. Life goes on immediately. We know much better now, right?

So Helga (cartoon gist) finally told Arnold about her feelings for him. #AmenSomebody!

ARNOLD Married

And Lagos traffic has not reduced. :(

Is there still a chance to correct some silly mistake? Then sharply do so. And please be open minded. This post is not just for ladies. The men are included, too. You know some of y’all missed some amazing bae / biz deal because…

I wanna be nice, so no need to complete that sentence for you. :p

Tell me I pray thee. Have you ever been Helga? Male or female Helga version. Gist me oh. What did you do afterwards?

Thanks for your time here. Hope it was worthwhile!


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