on Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Beautiful Beautiful Wonders! How y’all doing? It seems like forever since you ‘saw’ me, right? Yeahhhh, missed you too. :*

How do you spend your weekend sef? Do you have any must-do-activity during weekends? Don’t judge me if I spill a bit. I hate doing chores on weekends. :( Really not a fan of slaving away all day in the name of cleaning up. Mbanu. There must be a way out.


Ok, we continue that my lazy gist another day. Since yesterday was Sunday, thought it best I put up a spirikoko post whilst you are still charged up. We all know some people who can pray like fire…nonstop if you permit them. Do you aspire to ever be like them? The prayer dey show result for their life so??

In my place of worship a.k.a church, my pastor has been teaching on the rewards of prayers this beautiful month of June. Serving God with love-centered prayers. Attracting God’s attention. Let me break-it-down. This implies praying for the success of others. Others meaning strangers and family. You knew that, abi? Proud of you! :*

Praying without results. Repeat.After.Me. That will never be my portion in Jesus’ Name. The day those words hit me eh…my eyes opened. How person go dey pray till Christmas and still end the year in frustration? And also, how many times have we really reallllly carved out time to pray for friends/family/colleagues/leaders in need? I bet you have said “I’ll pray for you” to someone and never did. No be say you wicked. You just didn’t remember. Or no idea how to.

If you live in a busy town or city as Lagos, then you ( and I ) are most likely guilty of being too busy or just too friggin’ tired to pray for that troubled friend wey no gree hear word in the first place. But you see, we engage in only what benefits us somehow somehow.

Now what’s my point in all this? The Lord’s Prayer. Jesus prayed that God’s Kingdom/Will should show well well in our lives. Abi no be so? Then to crown it all, He said, seek first all the things wey concern God first and He will sort our needs. Praying for the depressed, the family who craves for a child, the broken hearted, etc.

Hungry man wan chop food, nothing else. So yeah, there’s definitely a place for actions. That’s for another post. By the way, there are issues I need solved in my life a.s.a.p. But we gon’ brush ’em aside and do the needful. Let’s give this Matthew 6:33 a full shot this week. (It’s a journey).

So, my spiritual to-do-list for the week includes:

  1. Praying for two not-so-near neighbors of mine.
  2. Praying for Christians I know who are having a hard time now.
  3. Praying for the unsaved I see around me to have an encounter with Jesus Christ.
  4. Praying for my spiritual leaders.

The “logic” is that God is pleased, and He begins to settle your own load of issues. He blesses us even more. And He surely answers those heartfelt prayers.

Soooo, who’s gon join God’s Bae in serving God this week? I said this week oh. Not just today. :| Set aside time. Early morning. Later at night. Lunch time. Five/ten/whatever minutes. You know best.

Just do it qualitatively. Oh…and use at least one relevant scripture when praying. You say, “Father, you said it in your word in Psalms 68:8 that you will settle the single ones in families. Oya, settle my friends who desire marriage, dear Baba”. Asking God for kids for a family you know? Psalm 127:3 should work for you. You understand better now, right?

I have over-spoken▪ Thanks for reading. Hope you got something!

What’s your spiri-to-do-list this week?


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  • Reply Abeni

    I so agree with you. If only we knew how much effect our selfless prayers have in the lives of others. I have learnt to do this over time and the joy that comes with it is unexplainable. God help us to continue to remember others.

    Monday, June 22, 2015 at 7:12 PM
    • Reply EbonyDuchess

      The joy is unexplainable▪ Gbam. Thanks Abeni.

      Monday, June 22, 2015 at 8:05 PM

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