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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Bonjour Wonders! (Y’all know that what I call you right?)

The very first time I ever took note of Mother’s Day was several years ago. There just had to be a defining moment you know.

Yes, the gist. I recognized Mother’s day many years back when after Mass (grew up with catholic parents) we were told the women had a party within the church compound. They said they were celebrating Mother’s Day.

I can never forget the sumptuous jollof rice I ate that day. Gosh! Now that’s a memory to savor. Unlike…the other days at home.

In honor of moms around the world, I hereby tell my true story about mom.


Remember I stated how much I dislike cooking? You can read the small gist about me here. Anyways this strong dislike can be attributed to how much time we spent prepping meals every day in the kitchen. It was either mom had just returned from “slaughter house” with unbelievable quantities of meat or she had just bought a carton of fish. And we had to wash and cut them up same day. Ohhhh!!! :(

Yes, I’m grateful my folks had enough funds to purchase such food items back then. We also had too many cousins living with us EVERYTIME. So there was no dispute on why mom was always buying in bulk. The woman can buy food stuff sha!!!

In all of these, subconsciously my siblings and I have imbibed her values and her compassion. Mom is just too caring. It sounds cliché but tis true. So we named her Saint Mary. Who else can earn that title biko.


Hence, today and always I appreciate mom. I appreciate her maturity in dealing with some in-laws. Never heard her quarrel with them. They lived with us too for a while. I appreciate mom’s honesty, her humor, her gist, her counsel and her unconditional love. My mom never hit me. That award goes to dad. Undisputed.

I appreciate her also because through her influence I have nurtured strangers, friends and little ones like mothers do. I’m proud of me. :D

So to mom and every other woman out there who has mom’ed someone sometime…YOU ROCK!!!


PS: Last week’s giveaway winner is……..CHIBEE!!! I shall buzz her and send her skirt to her asap. Thank you all (Olabisi & Chibee) for your comments. I look forward to many more giveaways here. Watch out for one coming up later this week.

I’ve shared some thoughts about my mom. Do share some tidbits about your mom or the mom in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Stay Awesome,

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